Social Media


We recognize the value of social media, and use it to breathe new life into brands.
Gone are the days when social media was going to be the future –we are in the future. With social media marketing reaching newer heights, Yardstick Marketing Management doesn’t just take brands online –it takes them right to the computers of their target market.

We are known for creating sharable content, and understand online social dynamics that engage your audience into creating new relationships with your brand. Our social media plans are just the 360° digital marketing fix your brand is looking for.

We put your brand on the social media map with our complete social services –everything from your Twitter or Youtube handle setup to cover and promotional images for your Facebook and Instagram or an inspiring brand presence on LinkedIn that convey who you are and what you do to all.

Social Profile Management
Everything from your taglines, hashtags and artwork to your social media competitions, layouts, colors and handles –we don’t just run exceptional profiles; we create them.


Content Strategy & Creation
We are known to create highly sharable and relatable content that embed a brands’ identity into the minds of target consumers.


Blog Creation and Positioning Strategy
We help clients find the voice of their brand, and put it out into the market with the appropriate positioning –all while enjoying the journey to a great media presence.


Social Media Advertising
Advertising over the social media has never been easier than it is with Yardstick.