Copy writing

Are you in search of a master copywriter?

Copywriting is key for reaching out to your audience and strengthen your relationship with the corporation and your buyers. Copywriting can portray your brand in a positive outlook when illustrated in a consistent tone and language friendly to your audience. Starting from web content to newsletters, copywriting can determine the future of your company. It is a great toolset where your creative and strategical business ideas can be presented, hence playing with your consumer’s emotions.

At Yardstick Marketing we offer different forms of copywriting that has different style of language and diction.

Emailers are another key aspect copywriting as we product unique content that will give more information on your company in association with the latest news and trends globally.


Social media posts
With the support of exclusive social media designs, our copywriters will be the acting voice to your followers and potential buyers.


Press releases
Announcing something exciting? Our press releases will reach the leading media agencies with a relevant angle and accurate information that will strategically improve your online presence.


Case Studies
Want to share a success story of your client? Case studies can be an impactful means to share a successful story, campaign, or strategy that has been successfully executed by your team.


Regardless of the industry, copywriting can be a great means to document pivotal information of the company, hence making the corporate more credible.


Opinion Columns
Our team of copywriters will create thought-provoking and industry-related opinion columns that will manage to give more insight on your business and services.