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Yardstick is an integrated marketing consultancy that delivers accountable, effective and thought-provoking marketing campaigns. We offer a 360° approach to marketing - integrating the right social media marketing, public relations, advertising and event management strategy that is sure to entice your target audience.

Our key personnel boasts of numerous years in senior public relations and journalistic roles in the Middle East and around the world. We have handled global and local brands, covered the biggest stories and have the ear of decision makers and media heavyweights as well as the vital 'beat' reporters. We offer an integrated marketing approach to create greater impact and improve communication effectiveness, irrespective of the nature of your industry.

What makes Yardstick different at the outset is that we take a multi-channel approach, broadening reach and energising your investment. Our approach combines the structure and discipline of management consultancy with the incisiveness and creativity of the best journalistic practices. We work effectively with bloggers and influencers around the world, and ensure they are included in all marketing communication campaigns.

Yardstick is a results-oriented public relations and marketing company serving a broad range of international and local clients. So leave home the stress of your brand development dream team: the Event Manager, the Graphic Designers, the Social Media man with a plan and the PR gal who will take you to press and beyond. Your dream team is right here at Yardstick!

We are all about unbiased, tangible results that you can showcase. At the end, your name is the game and we play it better than most!

We are Yardstick Marketing Management, and we build brands globally!

Our global presence - The IPRN Network

Founded in 1995, the International Public Relations Network is today the World's Largest Independent Agency Network. IPRN is incubator and nurturer of some of the very best PR and Communication's companies all around the world - Yardstick, of course, being one of them. Our affiliation with IPRN has opened us up to a wealth of experience and communication-centric knowledge, and with IPRN by our side, we have created exceptional work that has put us on the map, along with our many successful clients.

To know more about IPRN, visit the website on www.iprn.com

History of Yardstick

The Yardstick Practice

Innovation - We create ground breaking marketing strategies100%
Accountability - We set the bar high, really high100%
Measured Results - We deliver work we are proud of100%
Brand Equity - We give brands a voice and a soul100%
Excellence - We redefine the Yardstick of quality100%